Is OSRS gold effective?

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Suggest more buildings and such if desired! Now for inputting races: To enter just walk up to a booth at the sign up construction. Your options: I'd like to go into RS gold a race. Nothing Acually. If you choose to go into a race, you'll be put in a waiting area. When the room has 5 people in it, then the race starts!

To begin a 5 race just speak to a person at a booth. However, to begin a one on one race, you have to right click some one ONLY from the sign up building. Then click on the option: obstacle (insert title ) If the challenge is accepted the race immediatly starts. Now for the racing itself: In the Rush: 5 Race and one-on-one are the same, except the Number of people. There are 5 lanes to get a 5 race along with 2 lanes to get ONe on One races, so you may only remain in your lane to prevent individuals from folowing different racers!

It is recommened you keep run on throughout the race. . .or youll lose. Once the whistle is blown, begin running to your very first obstacle, YES obstacle. This is the area where strength and agility come in. There are various obstacles, and weather that your endurance and strength are lvl 1-99, you can always attempt these obstacles. However if your lvl 1 on every skill theres virtually no chance you'll even make it on the end. Remember, the higher the ability the easier you will do. If you fail an obstruction you get slowed downagain. Likewise some obstacles may hurt you if failed.

Lets see the obstacles shall we? Obstacles are ordered by quantity, whenever an obstruction if number 1, then its the first obstacle you experience. I will also tell you what skill it requires and what happens in the event that you neglect: Hurdle jump- you leap more than 3 hurdles-requires agility-if you fail on, then on the 3rd hurdle you will collapse, slowing you down. Rope Swing- you swing on a rope over a pool of OSRS buy gold mud- requires agility-if you fail you do a belly-flop into the mud, then you continue.